The Islamic Resource Center is here to be a resource to educators, students, health professionals, interfaith groups, and any members of the Milwaukee community that want an accurate understanding of the Islamic faith, its practices, and its people.  The resources that are provided as links on our website are chosen to reflect our mission of providing accurate information on Islam and Muslims.


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Online Resources General Resources


Council on American-Islamic Relation’s “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices”

CAIR provides a good guide for educator’s on what they should be aware of in regards to their Muslim students.  Topics include prayer, diet, sex education, and more.


Middle East Outreach Council’s “Resources: Beyond Stereotypes of Muslims in America”

MEOC provides a list of resources that try to break the many stereotypes of Muslims in America.


Center for American Progress’ “Fear, Inc.”

This report gives information on the roots of Islamophobia in America.


PBS’ “Teachers Guide: Muslims”

PBS gives an overview of the beliefs and daily lives of Muslims.


Council on Islamic Education (CIE)

“The Council on Islamic Education was founded in 1991 to provide academic support and scholarly resources about Islam and Muslim history to K-12 textbook publishers, educators, and others. We went on to cultivate expertise in world history and teaching about world religions, producing assessments of national and history-social studies state standards, training thousands of teachers, publishing high-quality teaching materials, and reviewing numerous social studies textbooks.”



“IslamiCity’s mission is to share with the world an understanding of Islam and Muslims and promote peace, justice and harmony for all people. IslamiCity aims to advance an understanding and dialogue among civilizations. We believe through emerging online media there is an opportunity to enhance awareness and knowledge leading to a better understanding and peaceful coexistence in our rapidly shrinking global village.”


"Save the Muslim Girl" by Özlem Sensoy and Elizabeth Marshall

The authors of this article ask, "Does popular young adult fiction about Muslim girls build understanding or reinforce stereotypes?"




Curriculum Resources


Curriculum Guide for the movie “Journey to Mecca”

This is a guide to go along with the movie Journey to Mecca and relates the story of Ibn Battuta, the world traveler.  It includes curriculum connections, questions to ask and an activity including Marco Polo.


The Education Department of the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M.Sackler Gallery’s “Arts of the Islamic World: A Teacher’s Guide”

This teacher’s guide provides a lot of detail on the practices of Islam as well as information on the Art of the Islamic World.


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