The Islamic Resource Center Library The Islamic Resource Center Library supports the mission of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition by collecting books, DVDs, CDs and electronic resources on topics of importance to Muslims with the purpose of promoting an accurate understanding of the Islamic faith. Collection Development Policy The materials are selected by a committee with the help of the librarian and are selected for their timeliness and accuracy. The library’s main purpose is for the education of the broader Milwaukee community and the collection reflects this. Topics in the library include but are not limited to: African Americans and Islam, Biographies, Children’s Books, Family Life, Interfaith Studies, Islamophobia, Islamic Art and Architecture, Islamic Finance, Islamic History, Islam in America, Islamic Law, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Medicine and Science, the Middle East, Muhammad, the Qur’an, Theology, and Women in Islam. The Islamic Resource Center Library collects materials in multiple languages with a focus on English Language materials. Gifts Gifts of items to the Islamic Resource Center are welcome but must go through the same selection process as items that are purchased to be added to the collection. There is no guarantee that donated materials will be added to the Islamic Resource Center collection.

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